Wednesday 24th May
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Our focus for sport this term has been hand-eye coordination. This helps your child track the movements of their hands with their eyes. Hand-eye coordination can greatly affect their writing skills and handwriting as they use their eyes to guide, direct and control their hand movements across the page as they write letters and words. Children have been practicing throwing, catching, aiming and kicking items of different sizes and in different ways.

Tuesday 16th May
For story writing this week we are looking at a class book together, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The children have really enjoyed reading and discussing this book. Everyday we recap what has previously happened and read a little more of the story. They then go and retell what has happened in their own words, focusing on what information is important to include and sequence of events. By the end of the week they will have created a great lengthy story.
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Monday 8th May
Welcome back to Week 2! Last week a notice went home about the Tread Lightly caravan that is visiting our school in a few weeks time. We do require parents helpers per class for these sessions so if you are able to help, please inquire for more information.
Spelling words are starting to go home with children this week. They can be practiced and learnt in a variety of ways e.g rainbow writing, chalk, cut out the letters from a magazine, put them in alphabetical order, or putting them into a sentence. These should be practiced daily along with your child's readers.
This terms topic is Science. Coming up the children will be doing some cool experiments.. This includes making observations using all their senses, predictions about what might happen, having a go, voicing our ideas and different outcomes etc.

Tuesday 11th April
Hasn't this last week of term come around quickly! Last Friday the PTA kindly put on a school wide Easter Egg Hunt. The children enjoyed searching the school high and low for hidden ice block sticks to bring back to their house coloured bucket. Blue house took out the challenge for finding the most hidden sticks!
Tonight is Sharing My Learning from 4-7pm. This week children have been reflecting on the term, including how our class works well together, what they have enjoyed this term, and what they would like to get better at next term. Their reflections are in their Learning Folder along with other work/results for them to share with you.

Wednesday 5th April
Yesterday the whole school got to experience the Strike Percussion group perform. They shared their story and performed items for us using different drums and marimba. There was even one performance using fire!

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Next Tuesday 11th April is Sharing My Learning evening at school. From 4-7pm all parents / caregivers are invited to an open afternoon at school so your child/children can share their learning with you in their classroom.

Wednesday 29th March - Here some of the students share their descriptive weather writing piece from today...
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  • Katie says "we wrote about the storm today."
In the morning it was pouring with rain and last night it was so loud I could hardly sleep. It was sounding like three trolls stomping around the neighbour hood. It was loud I had to sleep in my Mum and Dad's bed.
  • "We were using describing words" says Neveah
In the morning at my house it was raining and foggy. It sounded like a giant stomping on my roof. I was scared I hid under my blanket. I hugged my teddy so hard it hurt my arms. The rain hurt my ears.
  • Milla
In the rain it was pouring so much. I love the rain. I might get a letter for a big thank you for watering my garden.
  • Connor explained "we had to use not boring words, big, exciting words!"
Last night it was pouring, dark and stormy. It sounded like a billion giants stomping on my roof and it kept me awake till midnight.

Tuesday 21st March
Here are some photos from our Big Splash last week. The children did well waiting for their turn in the pool and participating in their events. Its great to see so many students confident in the water and displaying skills they have been learning.

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Tuesday 14th March
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We have completed our first piece of art to put up on display in our classroom.
Toby- I had to make it colourful, it's a flower. I made up my own flower. I really like the colours.
Charlee-Rose- We had to draw it and then colour with vivid and crayon. I like the petals on my flower.
Anaya- We went to the garden, we drew a picture of a flower with our pencils. I picked my favourite colours and I like my petals.
Eden- We used chalk, you do the lines up and down then you rub it with your finger. They were my favourite colours. All the pictures on the wall look beautiful.

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Unfortunately due to the weather last week we had to postpone our Kowhai Big Splash to this Wednesday 15th March. This will start at 1.30 pm. We welcome parents and caregivers along to encourage the children as they show the skills they have been learning in the pool this term.

Welcome to Room 14's Wiki. This page will help keep you updated on important information, and things that are happening in and around our classroom. Here we will share work, activities and photos so you can follow our journey through 2017.
  • We have library on Fridays. Children need to have a water proof bag to take a library book home each week. (e.g book bag)
  • A reader will come home with your child Monday-Thursday, please support your child to read every night and sign their reading log. They can read to you, a sibling, a favourite teddy etc.
  • Named drink bottles are welcome in the classroom.
  • Please ensure children's clothing is named, this makes it easier to locate misplaced items.
  • Toys are not allowed at school. Children will have turns at taking home a news reporters card. This is when they will have the chance to bring a special item or something of importance to share with the class.