Tuesday 12th December
And just like that the final week of school is upon us!! Junior classes have been busy practicing their performances for Prize Giving this Thursday, they are sounding great. Prize giving starts at 11am in the Events Center, this will be followed by an afternoon of water fun. Children will need their togs and a towel plus they can bring a water gun or something similar if they have one. Children have enjoyed getting into the festive season this week and being creative with Christmas activities.
Please ensure you have a hunt around home for any outstanding library books, readers etc and return these to school asap. Children's artwork, things off the wall and workbooks will be coming home over the next few days so ensure school bags are checked and emptied. School closes at 12.30 on Friday.

Lastly, a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY HOLIDAYS. It has been a pleasure to teach in Room 14 this year. Stay safe, enjoy the warm weather and see you next year.

Photos from our Run, Jump, Throw afternoon last week.


Wednesday 15th November
There are many benefits to having music in schools. Hand-eye coordination, students who practice with musical instruments can improve their hand-eye coordination. A sense of achievement, learning to play a new instrument can be a challenging but achievable goal, and students develop confidence as they master these skills. Different senses are used together, sight, sound and touch, plus large and small muscle groups. Practicing music can reinforce teamwork, communication skills, self discipline, and creativity. Room 14 enjoy learning about and then having a go at playing new instruments. During music lessons we are also learning the words to their prize giving songs for the end of the year.
IMG_1876.JPG IMG_1877.JPG

Wednesday 25th October
Term 4 is well under way! The last week of Term 3 was a busy one with Calf Club and Calf Club prep. The weather mostly held out for us on Friday and it was great to see all those with animals proud to show off their hard work and dedication. There were also some great gardens and projects on display down in the Events Center.
Some things coming up this term include... the PTA Halloween Disco this Friday the 27th, Kowhai Athletics, Interviews/reports for some students, Big Splash Afternoon, lots of end of year testing and Prize Givings.
Here are some photos from our Calf Club preparation last term.

IMG_1715.JPG IMG_1834.JPG IMG_1752.JPG
IMG_1690.JPG IMG_1722.JPGIMG_1733.JPG
IMG_1694.JPG IMG_1798.JPG IMG_1870.JPG

Monday 25th September
Congratulations to all our Kowhai students who participated in our Fit Kid Challenge! It was great to see you all persevere when it got tough and have fun with some of the obstacles too!
The last week of Term 3 is upon us! On Tuesday there are junior interviews 3.20-5 pm in the Senior Hub. These interviews are only for those who have been notified as needing one at this stage in the year. Wednesday children will be decorating their biscuits for part of their indoor section, all materials are provided by school. And Thursday school will close at 12.30 for judging after children have completed the rest of their indoor sections, unusual container, sand saucer etc. Friday is Calf Club Day, children need to be outside their classroom at 9 am for roll call.
FK.jpg FK2.jpg
Wednesday 6th September
Room 14 have been enjoying our gymnastics lessons. For many this is a chance to learn new skills and use different equipment such as the beam, bars and vault. Our last lesson will be next week. Kowhai students have been working hard on their fitness for the upcoming Fit Kid Challenge. This is taking place on next Thursday the 14th and the children will participate in a fun obstacle run.

IMG_0667.JPG IMG_0669.JPG
With Calf Club on the last week of this term, classes have been busy getting their last art pieces finished. Here are our flamingos which are now displayed on our classroom wall. Information sheets went home about Kowhai Syndicate's Indoor Section. This includes Sand Saucer, Flower Arrangement in an Unusual Container and Baking- Decorating Biscuits. Children will need to contribute $3 for the cost of the biscuits, decorating materials and saucer. Decorating Biscuits will be done at school prior to Calf Club Day. Money is due at school by Friday 22nd September.

Wednesday 9th August
Here are a few photos from our gymnastics lesson yesterday...
IMG_1873[1].JPG IMG_1866[1].JPG
IMG_1865[1].JPG IMG_1867.JPG

Welcome back to Term 3! Calf Club talks happened last week for those who are new to, and have chosen to have an animal this year. Children are not required to enter anything until they are Year 4. Calf Club is on the last Friday (29th September) of this term. Other things happening this term include.. a visit from Counties Steelers this morning, gymnastics lessons, Whats On The Menu (week 5&6) and Kowhai Fit Kid Challenge.

The Kowhai syndicate are very fortunate to have qualified instructors from Franklin Gymsports come to Waiau Pa School and take our children through a comprehensive gymnastics programme. Each class will have 6x45 min - 1 hour sessions each Tuesday over 6 weeks. The first session starts this week.

Wednesday 5th July
Last Friday was Grandparents Day! It was lovely to see such a good turnout in Room 14 and it was nice to spend the afternoon with some of the people who play a special part in the lives of our students. Children were proud to show their Grandparents and special guests around the classroom, and some of the work they have been doing this term. We hoped you enjoyed the concert!
Students learning folders went home at the end of last week, these should have been returned back to the classroom. With just two school days left the holidays are just about upon us, Worker of the Term assembly is this Friday at 2pm. Have a safe and happy holidays see you back for Term 3!

Wednesday 21st June
We have some new friends in our classroom! Liam has kindly brought us in some tadpoles from his house. He is in charge of the class tadpoles and I asked him to tell me more about them... "We have lots of them at our house, they are in big tubs. Dad is a gardener and he has the tadpoles to keep the fungi off the waterlily's and to help them grow. I brought them to school in an ice cream container and there's about five or six of them." Thank you for sharing where they came from Liam!

Our tadpoles will help us with many learning experiences. The children enjoy looking and talking about their needs, what they are doing in their tank, and reading books to find out more information e.g the life cycle. They are able to record this information in different ways, and look forward to seeing changes happen with the tadpoles.
IMG_1523.JPG IMG_1521.JPG IMG_1515.JPG

Monday 19th June
Room 14 is hoping to get some new classmates, watch this space!
-This Wednesday come to school in your favourite snuggly Onesie/Pyjamas for Onesie Mufti Day. It is the shortest day of the year.
-Calf Club information books went home with the eldest in each family last week. This booklet contains all you need to know about Calf Club, animals, projects, gardens etc. Information sheets about the different sections are available from the office.
IMG_1497.JPG IMG_1501.JPG IMG_1502.JPG

Tuesday 13th June
Danica, Milla and Olivia enjoyed sharing their stories from the long weekend with the class.
Danica - In the weekend I went to Rebel Sport and I got a netball ball. I went to Mitre10 we needed a wheel for the kart, and the kart has a lot of speed because the Segway is with it. The kart has a good takeoff.
MiIla - In the weekend I rid my horse. My horse is white as snow. My horse likes to roll in mud, my horse doesn't like baths. I love my horse. My horses name is Barney. My horse is the best of all.
Olivia - In the weekend I went to a sleepover at my Nana's house. On Sunday in the morning we went to the beach. It has black sand.

Tuesday 30th May
Last Thursday we went down to our Tread Lightly Caravan lesson. We learnt about recycling and what impact rubbish has on our environment. At different learning stations the children talked about "only rain down the drain," where rubbish goes, and what happens to our sea life if it goes down the drain. They got to plant a seed of their own to try and grow, ours were Radish seeds. They played a life size game of Geckos and Vines with quiz questions about recycling, also looked at items found in nature through magnifying glasses. And they discussed what types of rubbish can be recycled, where it goes after the rubbish truck takes it, and sorted items into their correct place. The children have some great knowledge on recycling and try really hard in the classroom and out at eating times to make sure rubbish is put in the correct bins -recycling, food scraps or soft plastics.

IMG_0658.JPG IMG_0659.JPG IMG_0652.JPGIMG_0650.JPG
IMG_0654.JPG IMG_0664.JPG
Wednesday 24th May
IMG_0629.JPGIMG_0631.JPG IMG_0633.JPG
Our focus for sport this term has been hand-eye coordination. This helps your child track the movements of their hands with their eyes. Hand-eye coordination can greatly affect their writing skills and handwriting as they use their eyes to guide, direct and control their hand movements across the page as they write letters and words. Children have been practicing throwing, catching, aiming and kicking items of different sizes and in different ways.

Tuesday 16th May
For story writing this week we are looking at a class book together, The Tale of Peter Rabbit. The children have really enjoyed reading and discussing this book. Everyday we recap what has previously happened and read a little more of the story. They then go and retell what has happened in their own words, focusing on what information is important to include and sequence of events. By the end of the week they will have created a great lengthy story.
IMG_1826.JPG IMG_1829.JPG IMG_1830.JPG
Monday 8th May
Welcome back to Week 2! Last week a notice went home about the Tread Lightly caravan that is visiting our school in a few weeks time. We do require parents helpers per class for these sessions so if you are able to help, please inquire for more information.
Spelling words are starting to go home with children this week. They can be practiced and learnt in a variety of ways e.g rainbow writing, chalk, cut out the letters from a magazine, put them in alphabetical order, or putting them into a sentence. These should be practiced daily along with your child's readers.
This terms topic is Science. Coming up the children will be doing some cool experiments.. This includes making observations using all their senses, predictions about what might happen, having a go, voicing our ideas and different outcomes etc.

Tuesday 11th April
Hasn't this last week of term come around quickly! Last Friday the PTA kindly put on a school wide Easter Egg Hunt. The children enjoyed searching the school high and low for hidden ice block sticks to bring back to their house coloured bucket. Blue house took out the challenge for finding the most hidden sticks!
Tonight is Sharing My Learning from 4-7pm. This week children have been reflecting on the term, including how our class works well together, what they have enjoyed this term, and what they would like to get better at next term. Their reflections are in their Learning Folder along with other work/results for them to share with you.

Wednesday 5th April
Yesterday the whole school got to experience the Strike Percussion group perform. They shared their story and performed items for us using different drums and marimba. There was even one performance using fire!

Strike 4.JPG Strike 7.JPG
Next Tuesday 11th April is Sharing My Learning evening at school. From 4-7pm all parents / caregivers are invited to an open afternoon at school so your child/children can share their learning with you in their classroom.

Wednesday 29th March - Here some of the students share their descriptive weather writing piece from today...
IMG_1053.JPG IMG_1054.JPG IMG_1055.JPG IMG_1057.JPG
  • Katie says "we wrote about the storm today."
In the morning it was pouring with rain and last night it was so loud I could hardly sleep. It was sounding like three trolls stomping around the neighbour hood. It was loud I had to sleep in my Mum and Dad's bed.
  • "We were using describing words" says Neveah
In the morning at my house it was raining and foggy. It sounded like a giant stomping on my roof. I was scared I hid under my blanket. I hugged my teddy so hard it hurt my arms. The rain hurt my ears.
  • Milla
In the rain it was pouring so much. I love the rain. I might get a letter for a big thank you for watering my garden.
  • Connor explained "we had to use not boring words, big, exciting words!"
Last night it was pouring, dark and stormy. It sounded like a billion giants stomping on my roof and it kept me awake till midnight.

Tuesday 21st March
Here are some photos from our Big Splash last week. The children did well waiting for their turn in the pool and participating in their events. Its great to see so many students confident in the water and displaying skills they have been learning.

IMG_1506.JPG IMG_1507.JPG IMG_1513.JPG IMG_1511.JPG
IMG_1514.JPG IMG_1512.JPGIMG_1508.JPG
Tuesday 14th March
IMG_0425.JPG IMG_0435.JPG IMG_0428.JPG IMG_0432.JPG

We have completed our first piece of art to put up on display in our classroom.
Toby- I had to make it colourful, it's a flower. I made up my own flower. I really like the colours.
Charlee-Rose- We had to draw it and then colour with vivid and crayon. I like the petals on my flower.
Anaya- We went to the garden, we drew a picture of a flower with our pencils. I picked my favourite colours and I like my petals.
Eden- We used chalk, you do the lines up and down then you rub it with your finger. They were my favourite colours. All the pictures on the wall look beautiful.

IMG_0433.JPG IMG_0441.JPG IMG_0454.JPG IMG_0458.JPG

Unfortunately due to the weather last week we had to postpone our Kowhai Big Splash to this Wednesday 15th March. This will start at 1.30 pm. We welcome parents and caregivers along to encourage the children as they show the skills they have been learning in the pool this term.

Welcome to Room 14's Wiki. This page will help keep you updated on important information, and things that are happening in and around our classroom. Here we will share work, activities and photos so you can follow our journey through 2017.
  • We have library on Fridays. Children need to have a water proof bag to take a library book home each week. (e.g book bag)
  • A reader will come home with your child Monday-Thursday, please support your child to read every night and sign their reading log. They can read to you, a sibling, a favourite teddy etc.
  • Named drink bottles are welcome in the classroom.
  • Please ensure children's clothing is named, this makes it easier to locate misplaced items.
  • Toys are not allowed at school. Children will have turns at taking home a news reporters card. This is when they will have the chance to bring a special item or something of importance to share with the class.